Stages, Layers and Blog Networking Study

It's been awhile since I've been able to follow Lilia's research work (and talk, and discussion, and playing around with things, and... eating pastry and laying out on the grass in a sunshine day :).

The first results are surfacing on her blog with the transcripts of the interviews. Every transcript available had the previous consent of the participants in the study and allow for a richer collaboration with the researcher... and also, add more responsibility for been part of the research (more about use of labels for writing research).

Since I'm still using my neighbours wi-fi (Vodafone delivered the wi-fi modem but not the connect box - anyone working in Vodafone.pt that can help?) I'm just adding some quick notes.

Someone already mention and I also believe that it might be worth exploring the concept of stages by Goffman in the Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. Blogs add different layers and individuals «act» according to different stages (palcos, in Portuguese). Blogs can be very personal and reveal a lot about a person but they do not represent by themselves the identity of the owner. 

When I was trying to talk to Lilia over Skype I also suggested looking for some reference work about the way book authors might feel when they discover they have much more «followers» then they new about it. In general, maybe the act of maintaining a blog can be included in a wider category of «people who create» things. Objects that, after being created, persist and have a life of their own. Wonder if a blog, like a book or a vessel, can also be considered and treated like an immutable mobile. I wonder...

Note to self - relate perceived practices of social scientist with «real» working practices -  After Method: Mess in Social Science Research (2005), Law.

Photo by Lilia - final chapter [in the PhD]

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    On pastries and food for thought: let's think about opportunities (after the PhD goes into printing :)