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Danah Boyd (2007). The Significance of Social Software. BlogTalks Reloaded: Social Software Research & Cases (ed. Thomas N. Burg and Jan Schmidt), Norderstedt, pp 15-30:
"When I think of the term „social software,” I still want to roll my eyes but when I think of the radical shifts that have happened in design process, flow of information, and interaction paradigms under the movement connected with the term, I can’t help but smile. These shifts are quite significant both for the tech sector and for the millions of people who are engaging with these technologies. (...) I’m always amazed at how people are unable to learn from the failures that are happening right now. Still, while we celebrate all of what is new, let us not forget the significance of what is old. In this way, we can build on the shoulders of giants rather than reinventing the wheel."
... e para que um passado bem próximo não fique esquecido, existe uma compilação completa do BlogTalks Reloaded. Muito material para reflexão, em que novo e velho co-existem na medida do seu contributo para ilucidar a compreensão de fenómenos complexos, sem estarmos a re-inventar a roda.

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