Eurotarifas regulamentam custos de roaming

A regulamentação Europeia sobre tarifas de rooming nos 27 estados membros da UE, entra em vigor a 30 de Junho:
"Using your mobile phone abroad will become substantially cheaper this summer thanks to the EU's intervention. With the publication of the EU Roaming Regulation in the EU's Official Journal at the end of this week, this important piece of internal market legislation will become binding law in all 27 Member States on 30 June. This finally ends in record time the legislative process, started on 12 July 2006 by the European Commission, to curb the excessive roaming charges that consumers and business travellers have so far endured while abroad in other EU countries. The national regulatory authorities, together with the Commission, will closely monitor the transition to the new roaming rules to ensure no abuses take place."
Ver também detalhes sobre as tarifas máximas que poderão ser aplicadas pelos operadores móveis em International Mobile Roaming & the new "Eurotariffs" cost.

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