Mulheres e TIC = Oportunidades de carreira

Women's careers and ICT: An untapped potential:
"With Europe facing a skills shortage in this sector, we must encourage more women to study ICT subjects and to take up a career in this field, so as to increase capacity of the workforce and to tap into women's creative potential."
Entre outras iniciativas, e como prova dessa preocupação, a Comissão Europeia promove o Website IT Girls:
"A dedicated website acting as an information forum, highlighting the different activities going on in this area, and giving advice and information for young women considering ICT and companies which would like to know more or get involved."
Sorry boys, esta não é para vocês!... Podem contudo seguir as filmagens que foram feitas das 6 IT girls rumo a uma carreira de sucesso ;-)

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  1. Mas que excelente iniciativa! Obrigada pela informação:)