Blogs e Boas práticas: envolver activamente colaboradores

Ojala, Marydee (2005). Blogging: For knowledge sharing, management and dissemination. Business Information Review, vol. 22(4), pp. 269-276:
"In a collaborative work environment, blogs bring significant benefits to enterprises willing to adopt the technology. Writers of blogs (...), can add to the sum total of knowledge for research projects, share industry and product knowledge, capture and disseminate pertinent news from outside the enterprise, and contribute valuable insights on specific subjects." (p.269)
"To succeed as a knowledge sharing instrument, blogs must be viewed as non-threatening. They should be the voice of the blogger, or bloggers, not a tool of management to influence behaviour. (...) As in the general web world, internal blogs should encourage active involvement rather than the passive receiving of information." (p.273)
"Blog technology fits particularly well with project teams. At Soar Technology Inc, making an engineering notebook available to all project participants made it easier for all team members to find information relevant to the project and to link to other relevant documents (...)" (p. 274)
Ver também respostas a um questionário que foi enviado o ano passado [a 200 pessoas, com 72 respostas completas, ver p. 2] e disponibilizado em Janeiro deste ano, com os resultados sobre boas práticas na utilização de Blogs, Wikis e Workspaces enquanto suporte a diversas actividades nas organizações - Blogs, Wikis and Workspaces - Best Practices Survey, by Forum One Communications :
"The survey answers reflect both the real-world experiences and collective wisdom of online community practitioners using these platforms. The results also provide the careful advice of users for those thinking about launching communities on any of these platforms."

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