[events] Software social e aplicação no contexto organizacional

"This conference looks at the new technologies in a business setting, with overview presentations and case studies. Both the internal use – often in the form of instant messaging and wikis – and external use, usually via blogs, rss feeds and podcasts – will be covered. There will also be presentations on Web 2.0 and beyond (...) There will be a strong emphasis on the practical aspects. You will find out the different applications of each technology and their relative merits and drawbacks, and how to choose between increasing numbers of new offerings, depending on your business need. The conference is chaired by David Gurteen, founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Community and himself both a user and an advocate of these technologies."


Atenção à manipulação de dados

516 investigadores no INETI??!.. Não sei onde é que esse leitor foi buscar os números. Mas não são os que correspondem ao INETI em que estou. Haverá outro INETI?...