I have been tagged by JJ Merelo, who I met during Web Base Communities (WBC2004), back in March of 2004, here in Lisbon, when he presented a paper on CLUSTERING WEB-BASED COMMUNITIES USING SELF- ORGANIZING MAPS, together with Fernando Tricas. Had to talk with them, and did so during coffee break and where I had the opportunity to listen to more of the work they were doing (and also, had a wonderful gift: the CD with all the proceedings :-).

This event was very important for me, because it was in there that I met 2 more great people: Vitorino Ramos, that was introduced to me by Fernando and JJ, and Lilia, whom I only knew from reading her blog and from Kboard.

Need to say that this 4 persons have since been of great importance in my own exploration of what blogging is all about: making the world smaller and allowing playful exploration and a helping face when needed. Now for the difficult part, the lists of 4 things (wasn’t it about the 43 Things?):

Four jobs I had:
  1. Bartender at The Dennis Bar, in Portimão (Algarve), during school holidays, back in 1984
  2. RPG II programmer, at former LCA-Informática (Lisbon), back in 1988
  3. Played being a technician at Economic Services, in former Macau (now Macao Special Administrative Region), till 1992, and again in Justice Services, till 1999.
  4. Image, Information and Communication Freelancer, till I’ve come to INETI, research Lab.
Four places I've liked:
  1. Singapore, spacious city with great blend of cultures
  2. Hong Kong, vibrant city where one can find literally anything
  3. Warsaw, in spring and summer, a city with wide parks and great for cycling and listening to music
  4. Monasterio de Piedra, where I can listen the sounds of nature (and myself)
Four TV shows I like (even though I hate TV):
  1. Yes (Prime) Minister (still see them in DVD)
Four places I've vacationed:
  1. Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
  2. Samui, Surat, Thailand
  3. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  4. Sagres, Algarve, Portugal
Four favourite dishes:
  1. Teppanyaki
  2. Wan Tan
  3. Tom Yang Gong
  4. ... mostly anything about food and eating in good company
Four sites I visit daily:
  1. Bloglines (personal aggregator)
  2. Gmail (yap, first thing when I arrive)
  3. Traces of visitors in my stats ;-)
As for tagging 4 people (and since JJ already tagged, Fernando, and Ton already tagged Lilia) I will tag:
  1. Vitorino Ramos, a digital friend from the blogofractolândia ;-)
  2. Filipa, a great friend (and previous colleague) to whom I miss having her smile around
  3. Martin Röll, who I miss the english conversations and the ever feeling of having met long before ;-)
  4. Bev, a foaf that’s becoming a friend in all things community related :-)

I think this is one of the longest post that I have publish until today ;-)


  1. Thanks for going along, Monica... you've been in quite interesting places, and done quite interesting things...