Excelente pergunta

... feita pela Christina Pikas:

Is blogging for personal information management generalizeable or just for some?:

"Where do scientists and engineers fit in? Both fields tend to draw more introverted people; however, in training and in practice both groups need to collaborate and share to get ahead. They get together at conferences and virtually to co-author papers, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems. They work on project teams and together in labs. Some trust is implied from this sharing of information but that trust may only exist when a f2f meeting has occurred. "

O que é que faz algumas pessoas manterem um blog no contexto da sua profissão e outras não, sabendo que a natureza das tarefas desempenhadas pressupõe a partilha? Acho que a discussão que vai por aqui e por aqui poderá ajudar a levantar a cortina...

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