Weblogs enquanto vozes da Organização

Este artigo merecia mais comentários, mas as passagens assinaladas dão corpo ao que tenho andado a ruminar ;-) É engraçado como cada um de nós terá tantas histórias para elucidar o segundo parágrafo...

"The weblog became the place where employees shared knowledge, jointly created a shared context for their work, and through which they defined their company." (p. 58)

"In many companies, workers are reluctant to share what they know because they feel their bosses might hijack this knowledge and present it as their own. (..) With weblogs, it is made clear which employee is responsible for contributing which piece of knowledge, so credit and acknowledgement are given where appropriate." (p. 63)

"The revolution will not come overnight. In fact, I believe it will not come at all. The transition will be as silent as email, mobile telephony and instant messaging. But it is poised to be similarly disruptive." (p.81)

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