Onde está o Vitorino?...

...boa altura para fazer o registo na comunidade do KnowledgeBoard e dinamizar a discussão ;-)

"However very few projects address the area of social complexity, which we contend in this study has high potential for European specific Knowledge Management. This is surprising bearing in mind the objectives of the KMME initiative were to focus on the concept of complexity a holistic approach to Knowledge Management. The subject of complexity is not widely recognised within the KnowledgeBoard community (only several references made on the Web site)." in Business Knowledge Management: A study on market prospects, business needs and technological trends (2004), p.147


  1. Anonymous5/7/04 18:34

    Olá Mónica. Desculpa. Só agora reparei que me tinha esquecido por completo. Já lá estou. Obrigado. v.