BlogTalk, Weblogs and Knowledge

All about sharing. The second BlogTalk (in Vienna) i wasn't abble go. But this year things look better, cause i know where to «look for information» that's being shared and agregated (topic exchange), happening here and now (well almost, that's why they are asynchronous ;-), during this last 2 days.

This is not because i'm more technical aware, but because i've came to read Lilia's, Martin's, JJ's, Fernando's weblogs, and many others that are part of their ecosystem, during this past year, and they are present at BlogTalk.
In their spaces one is abble to follow some of their readings of the event. Sure they are not my «looking glasses» but they convey reflections, notes and questions, that relate to what i'm learning...
Yes, it's all about sharing those, once private notes, that became public (wiki BlogTalkViennaNotes, from Joi Ito, a collaborative effort to notedown the presentations at BlogTalk 2.0). Maybe you don't know, but this means a lot for someone that was not abble to be there. Thank you :-)


  1. It has happened to me in other ocasions, and I know how interesting are all of the postings done by people here. In particular, the wiki is an excelent idea.

  2. By Stephanie Booth, Taking Collaborative Notes at BlogTalk - Reflexions on the experience...