Estudo da UE - Business Knowledge Management

Texto completo deste estudo aqui.

Business Knowledge Management: "A study on the market prospects, business needs and technological trends (June 2004)"
Conclusões do trabalho apontam para
"holistic view on how humans behave in relation to what they know and how the power of knowledge can be effectively harnessed through a combination of social and human-centred approaches and advanced technology";
"a European school is forming which is particularly active at the interface of artificial intelligence and human centred computing – called social complexity in KM";
"Research in how KM can support rapid organic growth or growth through acquisitions could become a key element in the quest for sustainable growth"


  1. Anonymous30/6/04 11:43

    "Growth through acquisitions" and "sustainable growth" seems like a contradiction to me.

    Martin Roell (http://www.roell.net/weblog)

  2. I've posted in here cause I was wondering what they meant. Since they also talk in the report about KnowledgeBoard (European Knowledge Management Community) i wonder if it is already in there?... Martin, I would really like very much to listen more of what you have to say about it. Perhaps that way i can understan what they mean ;-)

  3. Found a lot of useful info on your site about Knowledge Management - thank you. Haven't finished reading it yet but have bookmarked it so I don't lose it. I've just started a Knowledge Management blog myself if you'd like to stop by