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Ao ler os dados é bom ter presente a forma como foram recolhidos [via ContraFactos&Argumentos]

"In what may be the first survey of blog readers as an emerging demographic, Blogads asked 17,159 blog site visitors about their age, income, media consumption, online spending habits, and political affiliations during a two-day period in May. It turns out that 61 percent of blog readers who participated in the survey are over 30 years of age. Almost 30 percent are between the ages of 31 and 40, while over 37 percent span the ages of 41-60. And nearly 40 percent have a household income of $90K and above."
Blogads: reader survey for blog advertising.:
"To be clear, the survey's responses are a fragment of a sample of a subset. There are millions of bloggers. On Monday morning, I e-mailed roughly 50 of them -- some of the biggest bloggers, many of whom focus on politics and/or sell blogads -- suggesting they link to they survey. I explained that the survey would 'boost both public appreciation of blogging AND your revenues.' Some of the bloggers I wrote to (and some I didn't) linked to the survey; some of their readers clicked; some were offended by questions written mostly for Americans; some aspiring respondents were unable to complete Surveymonkey's sometimes buggy forms. So wield a salt shaker as you munch on this data."

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