Weblogs e Comunidades de Prática (2)

For once, Bloggers/Individuals keep me inform of new developments, happening here and now.
I don’t see blogs as «versus», I see them as complementing - creating many opportunities for organizations that are made of individuals that have a plethora of interests and are able to scan their environment according to their own knowledge.
As for what Blogs and Bloggers are being scrutinized for it always reminds me of something that happened some years ago when e-mail, in the organization I was working for (and in plenty of others), was considered bizarre.
Today, when asked, everyone will say that they’ve «always» used e-mail. What I’m learning from all of this? That people still have difficulty to deal with a world that is ever more rapidly changing thus being hard to accept evolving ideas, not to talk about innovation in the so called Knowledge Society. But also, that I don’t need to feel a freak anymore for believing that the Organization I work for can benefit with my embryo project, because I can relate to others work, practice, and doubts.
So I guess the people I’m relating while «doing» my Blog are becoming a CoP (Community of Practice) in their own sense, but a CoP that it’s part of other CoPs that overlap, and others that don’t. This is my reply to Lilia: Can blogging replace communities of practice?:

"the question about similarities vs. differences between weblog networks and forum-supported communities is one of the first you will get while talking about weblogs to KM practitioners"

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