Gestão da Informação vs Gestão do Conhecimento

"Nevertheless today's rediscovery of the topic of knowledge and information management within the business field allows also, vice versa, to criticise a technological hostility within the hermeneutic tradition. I call the conjunction between hermeneutics and information technology artificial hermeneutics (Capurro 2000a) which is concerned not with the face-to-face but with the interface situation. This means that, as with any other media change, electronic networks create new possibilities for knowledge creation, helping us, for instance, to overcome in a different way time and space constraints as in the case of bodily encounter or of printing technology. (...) The following development brought not just a fragmentation of scientific disciplines and their vocabularies but, as we see it today, a knowledge network that goes beyond the printing encyclopaedic and 'endictyopaedic' forms of knowledge representation. Not only strongdocuments but also human beings are linked within a digital and global endictyopaedia that is a the same time an information as well as a communication medium."

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