Blogs - redes de aprendizagem distribuídas

I've added the bold remarks in the excerpt below for my own reflection so I can relate to previous posts in B2OB concerning the use of weblogs in Organizational environments and further relate to the Organizations as open systems.
It's also a build up for the findings of my research into "The role of information in expatriation" (a case study approach in a private international bank with 3 embeded cases, corresponding to operations in 3 different countries, involving field work in those countries, interviews with expatriates of the organizations in loco, internal publications, and media monitoring. I'll be defending it in a short time and hope to be able to publish some of the results. In the meantime I hope to find someone to discuss the findings and further build on it...)

"(...) weblogs can provide a unique opportunity to access usually invisible trails of development and flows of ideas, a window onto practice. It can serve as a learning resource for others, as well as providing a better overview of internal expertise and experts, and may lead to the speeding up of innovation due to earlier cross-fertilisation of ideas. Weblogs can be used as a technology for facilitating and extending existing apprenticeship and coaching programs or capturing stories of retiring experts." [Efimova, Fiedler, Verwijs e Boyd, (2004). Legitimised theft: distributed apprenticeship in weblog networks, p.6)

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