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blogwithoutalibrary.net: "(...) I began researching and writing an article about what libraries, as institutions, were doing with blogs, and at the time a lot of that activity was isolated to library news blogs. The more I worked on the article, the more I saw the potential for the use of blogs in varied contexts, from reference to instruction and outreach. Ultimately, I started thinking about them as one of the many ways libraries can serve their users and stay relevant (...)" (Amanda Etches-Johnson).

Para quem estiver interessado em saber mais, existe uma secção de bibliografia. Mais iniciativas e argumentos na comunidade de bibliotecários de referência:

"If one individual posts a question, a community of librarians and other patrons may read that post and respond to it. In this way, the blogsphere may be utilized to create a "reference sphere," in which an information-seeking transaction may be conducted as community exercise." [Lyceum: A Blogsphere for Library Reference" by Jeffrey Pomerantz & Frederic Stutzman + respectivo projecto de open source desenhado pela ibiblio.org]

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