Weblogs - deixar de olhar para o umbigo

Embora o texto que se segue não seja sobre Weblogs, acho que reflecte muitas das possibilidades que esta «ferramenta» permite [via KM community in Orkut]: Knowledge-at-work: Community of one?:
"(...) a PKM tool or exercise hardly makes sense as knowledge is emergent in practice and dialog, knowledge is social rather than personal, needs verification and is difficult to capture. At a personal level, practices may be many times more important that tools, e.g. reciprocity, sharing, listening, supporting and coaching others, being well-linked and connected, being in dialog & the flow, inviting critique, engaging in creative abrasion. – not things you can do alone on a desert island or in your individual cube!" (Denham Grey)
[a propósito de um comentário no CF&A (Social Computing: Getting Ahead of the Blog)]

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