WBC2004 - Ann Curry, The New Meeting Room: Canadian Public Libraries and the Promise of Virtual Communities

Apresentação que terá lugar na sexta-feira, 26/Março, IST. O papel das bibliotecas na promoção do acesso a comunidades virtuais: trabalho realizado no Canadá, através da análise dos logs (registos) das transações (histórico de páginas consultadas).

Abstract: "Communities are an important aspect of people’s lives: without them, individuals have no means of connecting with others who share a common bond or need. With the continued growth of resources on the World Wide Web, more people are turning to Web-based or virtual communities to meet their needs. As public libraries have a long-held tradition of promoting communities, usually facilitated through the provision of meeting rooms or gatherings in the library basement, it is of great interest to ascertain if library patrons are using the library to access virtual communities. An analysis of the transaction logs of the Brantford, Calgary, Halifax, and Winnipeg Public Libraries indicated that patrons do indeed use the libraries’ Internet terminals to access virtual communities, however little is done to promote these sites. This paper explores both the nature of the virtual communities that patrons are accessing as well as an overview of what public libraries can do to promote these sites as valuable sources of information".
Autores: Ann Curry e Kristel Fleuren

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