«Boundary roles» e «connecting hubs» nas Organizações

O post de Zylstra remeteu-me para um outro post (trabalho para a tese) em que Correia e Wilson (Factors Influencing Environmental Scanning in the Organizational Context ) falam num conceito semelhante, «Boundary Roles»: "as people establishing the connection between their organizations and the environment" à ideia de «hub» em Blogs as Early Warning Systems:

"When organisations reach a certain size (...) natural communication flows are interrupted (...) Blogs create and aggregate an enormous amount of often prefiltered background noise. Being exposed to the blogosphere enables companies to reconnect to their noisy surroundings. (...) All signals start out as noise, basically until someone decides it 's a signal. To disseminate blogging in an organisation some simple social network mapping might help establish who are the essential trusted people and hubs that could get blogging started. These maybe also are the people most likely to enjoy blogging, as they are already above average exposed to inputs from their surroundings. It's what makes them hubs in the first place."

Maybe both are talking about the same thing. I wonder if this is one of the answers i've been trying to find both for the implementation of Organizational Weblogs and for the information needs of expatriates (Blogtese)?...

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