World Summit on the Information Society - Intervenção de José Luís Arnaut

World Summit on the Information Society : Newsroom: "JOSE LUIS ARNAUT, Minister Assistant to the Prime Minister of Portugal, said that human resources, more than technological resources, were the most important assets to face the challenges and opportunities standing before the international community. Portugal wanted the information society to be based on an informed, participative and demanding citizenship, served by a transparent, light and efficient administration and by a dynamic and competitive market. The Portuguese Government had institutionalized a transversal approach for the development of the government policy for the information society. A Unit Mission with exclusive responsibilities of coordinating the implementation of this policy had been created. In addition, five strategic documents containing guidelines for policies in this area until 2006 had been created."

Intervenção completa aqui (via Cidadania na Sociedade da Aprendizagem - cobertura extensiva com diversos materiais sobre a Cimeira)

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