Sobre Blogues: Blogosphere - ensaio de Nielssen

Ensaio de Stephanie Nilsson (2003) A Brief Overview of the Linguistic Attributes of the Blogosphere

"Within the blogosphere, a certain variety of language has developed, one that rationalizes the human need to communicate with the constraints of the medium. These weblogs group into tight social networks that consist of varying degrees of community. Unlike traditional dense social networks, weblog communities do have an outlet, a portal, which allows for the entrance or exit of community members. Each community is anchored around a topic, whether it is job-related, research-related, age, gender, etc. Because of the closeness of the blogging networks, varieties of language can be standardized, strengthening further the sense of group identity. Discourse devices like the monologue and the dialogue come together to create extensive conversations that spread through the blogosphere with an effect not unlike an echo chamber. These threads of conversation use many of the linguistic features found in both oral and written forms of communication. The two major forms of communication have united to produce a variety that utilizes the full capabilities of the Internet environment as a means to converse and reflect. Because of the constraints of length and the purpose of this essay, this study was approached on a small scale and only within one research community. Further research is needed in order to document the level of standardization within weblogging communities, and the blogosphere as a whole."

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