Global ICT Ranking

ITU Digital Access Index: World's First Global ICT Ranking: "The first global index to rank Information and Communication Technology (ICT) access has turned up some surprises. Slovenia ties France; and the Republic of Korea, usually not among the top ten in international ICT rankings, comes in fourth. Apart from Canada, ranked 10th, the top ten economies are exclusively Asian and European. The Digital Access Index (DAI) distinguishes itself from other indices by including a number of new variables, such as education and affordability. It also covers a total of 178 economies, which makes it the first truly global ICT ranking. (...) The results suggest that English is no longer a decisive factor in quick technology adoption, especially as more content is made available in other languages. The DAI forms part of the ITU's upcoming 2003 edition of the World Telecommunication Development Report (WTDR). Published to coincide with the World Summit on the Information Society." - [Portugal - 0.65] Obtive esta informação por aqui.

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