ePSINet Meeting - INETI, Lisboa - 3 de Dezembro (quarta-feira)

Parece que estamos todos convidados, isto é, quem se interessa por estas questões. Deixo aqui o programa e espero-vos «lá».
ePSIGate: "EPSINet meeting on Access, re-utilisation and commercialisation of Public Sector Information, Lisbon, Portugal, 3 December 2003 - The meeting is organised by Zita Correia of INETI, the EPSINet Country Co-ordinator " - Contacts: Tel: + 351 217 127 024 e + 351 217 127 025

Meeting Agenda
14.30 - Wellcome address - Alcides Pereira, President of INETI
14.40 - EPSINet: the project and the network - Rob Davies, MDR Partners, Network Co-ordinator
15.05 - The Portuguese participation in EPSINet. Presentation of the results of the EPSINet survey on the assessment of information needs and barriers in gaining access to PSI - Zita Correia, Country Coordinator for Portugal
15.30 - Debate
15.45 - Coffee break
16.00 - Access to Public Sector Information - Luís Vidigal, Council of the Board, Instituto de Informática, and member of the Directorate of APDSI (Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society)
16.30 - The Portuguese position concerning the re-utilisation and the commercialisation of Public Sector Information - Diogo Vasconcelos, Manager of UMIC (Innovation and Knowledge Mission Unit)*
17.00 - Debate

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