BlogTalk 2.0 - Call for Proposals

No seguimento do BlogTalk 1.0 realizado este ano, surge o BlogTalk 2.0: Call for Proposals: "Papers to this conference should be concerned with blogs as an arena of exchange: the exchange of ideas, opinions and information as well as dreams, visions and knowledge. Addressing the topic of exchange contributors may consider strategies, consequences and benefits as well as rhetoric and aesthetics."
Dentro dos possíveis tópicos, destaco aqueles que para o nosso contexto têm interesse, e para o qual gostaria de poder contribuir (se a organização achar pertinente, se a Organização me autorizar, se a Organização tiver autorização para disponibilizar fundos):

- blogging in an enterprise environment
- weblogs and knowledge management
- weblogs in the social sciences: history, statistics and case studies
- weblogs in educational settings

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