Blogs como ponto de encontro e arquivo de ideias e documentos

O «negrito» foi colocado por mim para evidenciar o argumento apresentado em relação ao contexto de investigação embora, neste caso, universitário. Campus Communications & the Wisdom of Blogging: Syllabus, by Sarah Roberts: "In other arenas, blogs could be used to continue particularly lively class discussions cut short by an in-class schedule. Students could further their arguments with links to other information and evidence to support their positions. The online discussion could also allow more timid members of the class or those more comfortable expressing themselves in writing another venue for joining in the discussion. Researchers working across time zones and at different universities can use blogs to meet, update, brainstorm, and archive ideas and documents. Using a blog package's search engine, they can retrieve past postings, which might yield new analytic connections or relevance."

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