Management by Blog?

Retirei um excerto do texto pois é suficientemente provocador no que toca ao uso dos Blogs para 'capturar experiências' que permanecem após a saída de um funcionário. Pergunta fundamental: a quem pertence o Blog? Management by Blog?

"Most of the companies I've observed using blogs are trying it on their customers before unleashing it internally on their staffs. The external need, apparently, is more pressing. Many businesses already have other systems in place for managing internal information, ranging from simple brown-bag lunches to overkill knowledge-management regimens. But companies are always looking for better ways to touch base with existing and potential customers, and there's no hotter way to communicate on the Net than via a weblog. (...)

Currently the theoreticians are more excited about internal blogging systems than are the people who actually have to implement them. Earlier this month, on his widely read weblog, Biz Stone predicted that "blogging in the business community is
about to be a big deal. When Google bought Blogger, a record skipped, the music stopped, and business folks turned their heads toward the blogging phenomenon."

Stone says he thinks the most immediate uses of blogging in corporations will be in the area of knowledge management: "Companies are going to want to capture people's experiences so when they leave the company they don't take everything with them." "

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