remember swurl? not anymore!

Recently, this is the second tool I used that does not work anymore. First it was magnolia. Gladly I never cease to use delicious. I used magnolia as a backup for delicious (redundancy if you will)  but it was never up to date. Today I went to swurl and the timeline of all users are gone! Gladly it was «only» a timeline of aggregated information from other places. Redundancy seems to be a vital practice this days ;-)

BTW, can anyone recommend a timeline for aggregating data from different places?


  1. Anonymous4/3/09 12:52

    I use Friendfeed and I grab my FF RSS feed and archive it on my blog lifestream: http://mariz.org/lifestream/
    This solution is for geeks.
    Soup.io is similar as an aggregating tool.

  2. Anonymous4/3/09 13:04

    Try http://www.dipity.com/ and tell me what you think.

  3. Gostei do feeling do dipity. Pena é não importar as entradas mais antiguinhas. Outra coisa que sinto a falta é a possibilidade de visualizar em modo calendário. Mas até agora parece-me que é uma boa solução.

    Obrigada aos dois :-)

  4. i started using storytlr

    recently i dropped that in favor of the SimplePie-powered Profilactic

    and then got @ replied on twitter by one of the guys behind lifeblob
    who seems to also have a running search for people looking for swurl-like apps.

    you can take a look at the page i made using a (somewhat modified version of) the profilactic plugin for wordpress here:

    lifeblob and storytlr have similar timeline-like features, which i gather was one of the big features of swurl (but having never used swurl, i can't really say how they match up).

    fwiw, i dislike friendfeed a lot.