Smartpen for normal notebooks or Moleskines?

When I saw Smartpen at first, I thought it would solve the transitions from taking notes in paper and then moving to digital. You might think it's a minor problem, but since the majority of people still use hybrid spaces for relating to their information (paper, digital, web), this gadget would be very handy for bridging those spaces.

After checking all the details to buy myself one, found out that "The Pulse™ smartpen works only with Livescribe™ dot paper. Use it to activate all smartpen applications." This means, one needs to buy special dotted numbered notebooks (1 to 8) in order to make the smartpen work, and apart from the «normal» needs of plenty of our gadgets (recharge, data transfer, and supplies), it does not support Linux or other open source variations, althought it works for Windows & Mac.

If you know a smartpen for normal white paper notebooks or moleskines, do please drop me a line. I'll buy it and I'm sure plenty of more people I know will buy it also.

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  1. Anonymous1/8/09 06:46

    Hi I might have a product for you. You can write and transfer to notebook your handwriting and also you can edit it. You can email to me at nelson.khoo@asia-angle.com