BlogWalk visto à distância

No rescaldo de mais um BlogWalk (dedicado ao tema: Social Software in Organisations - Inside the Firewall), a que não consegui ir, apanho alguns dos pedaços:
"(154)... Equally important threads revolved around value and productivity: How will managers react to people spending time blogging?(...)"

"The overwhelming majority of issues discussed on the day were around people, interactions, emotions and the psychology of blogging in business (...) many of these issues are those that relate to any organisational change. However I think it would be dangerous to think that there are no technology challenges left at all. [...]"

"In discussion about the barriers to introducing blogs and similar tools, there was some amazement that senior management could possible fail to see the benefit of such powerful collaborative tools. [...]"
Ver ainda: "When will corporate blogging be recognised as a desirable skill? e o agregador de entradas em Channel 'blogwalk' . Porque é que aqui coloquei isto? Já expliquei aqui.

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